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Education, Talent, and Accessibility Programs

Education, Talent and Accessibility Programs

We provide assistive/accessibility technology (AsTech ) services to people of all ages and disabilities in order to facilitate access and, increase the probability that these individuals will reach their educational, employment, community and independent living goals.

The core AsTech services include: evaluation, procurement, integration, technical support, training and implementation, on smart devices, computers, touch tablets, smartphones, software, hardware and peripherals.


Gamer with Headphones

Our main goal is to empower AsTech users, practitioners and related service providers  with tools to enhance their access and use; input and output; participation and production; as well as presentation and performance skills.

A written report is provided, for each service, detailing notes from observation, demonstration and trial sessions, evidence-based opinions, recommendations, and individualized follow-up activities, in school, community, workplace and home settings.


We conduct assessments, evaluations and consults, focused on analyzing the individual’s abilities, needs, preferences and goals in order to provide the most appropriate assistive technology or alternative augmentative tools.

Technical Support:

Our technical assistance includes conducting troubleshoots, basic repair, maintenance, upgrades and updates on accessibility tools

Assistive Technology Implementation Plan

An implementation plan is developed with the end user’s team in accordance with the recommendations of the AT Assessment Report, practical implications and the desired goals for the end users and their service teams


We provide selection, purchasing, shipping and delivery services  for AsTech

Assistive Technology Training:

Orientation and training sessions are designed to impart practical knowledge, skills to the end users in a one-on-one or a group setting.

Categories of Accessibility Technology Expertise:
  1. Consumer Need/Area of Concern

  2. Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

  3. Special Needs/ Transition Services/Independent Living Skills/OT

  4. Speech and Language

  5. Blind and Visual Disabilities

  6. Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  7.  Traumatic Brain Injury & Physical and Mobility Impairments

  8.  Deaf-Blind AT

  9. Electronic Environment Control//Smart Home Devices

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